Bitcoin Rent Official.

A de-centralized peer to peer crypto currency for everyone and every business, renting anything anywhere. Download your wallet today.

Sync and mine with your Bitcoinrent wallet.


Bitcoinrent milestones

500 BTT

Current Block Reward




BTT Total Supply

120+ Mh/s

Current Average Hash Rate


Bitcoinrent was created for use in rental markets. It streamlines Renting, while remaining anonymous and securing the transaction on the blockchain.

Renting something!

A secure method for renting assets.

  • - Easy
  • - Secured by blockchain
  • - Anonymous
  • - De-centralized
  • - Peer to peer network

Bitcoinrent is:

Open Source

Bitcoinrent wallet and project is open source.

A fork of Bitcoin

Bitcoinrent is a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoinrent uses the same secure wallet as bitcoin.

Community driven and mineable

We all thrive as a community. The collective users of bitcoinrent it's your coin! Use, mine, distribute.

Built for the rental market

If you are either renting from someone or renting out your products or service, Make Bitcoinrent your choice for payment.


Bitcoinrent user's wallets are the nodes, Your wallet can also act as a miner.


Nothing has proved itself more than bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, that is why we forked bitcoin for this project.

How Bitcoinrent Works

Frequently Asked Question

Bitcoinrent is a cryptocurrency and a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoinrent uses sha256 as proof of work. It has 21 million coin supply. It is a de-centralized coin used for rent transactions.

You can mine from the wallet currently. First click receive button. 1. create a new crypto address. 2. Click settings menu 3. click options open configuration file button. 5. add gen=1 to the file save close and restart. the wallet should start mining coins as long as the wallet is on.

Sometimes it's quicker to add nodes to sync with the network. Bitcoin rent has dedicated nodes which keep track of all the nodes. Download and add the bitcoinrent.conf file or follow these steps: To add dedicated nodes: 1. goto settings on drop down menu. 2. Then click options 3. then click the open configuration button. 4. a window will pop up click ok. 5. The text editor will pop up. 6.Copy the code below addnode as it is, or paste / type it in the window save and close. 7. restart bitcoinrent wallet for settings to work. addnode=

There are numerous types of software to mine Bitcoinrents Scrypt with. It is possible to use poolers cpu miner for scrypt. You can mine your own node. mining pool. If you would like to add your pool email:

To send coins 1. open your wallet and click send. 2. enter the address and amount 3. click send. To recieve 1. click recieve. 2. create a new address 3. give to the person whom you wish to receive payment. You can create and label as many address as you require.

There are many ways you can help build The community. You can start a pool, mine, promote, develop, assist others and use btt. There are many ways to get creative with btt.